Innovative Health care Solution for Students and Communities

GHI partners with Arizona State University to create a holistic integrated health care program to address national youth health crisis

Lack of access is both expensive and costing lives. Arizona schools have experienced tremendous growth in behavioral health concerns among students and an overall lack of access to health care impacting attendance and academic progress.

  • Current status:
    Arizona is in the top five of states with healthcare worker shortage
  • 65% of behavioral health needs are addressed by primary care physicians
  • Suicide second leading cause of death for Arizona teens
  • 70% of students experienced depressive episode in last year, 50% with suicidal ideation
  • No school nurse requirement, means students often go home missing class room time
  • End of ESSER funding resulting compounding lack financial resources at district level

How Will it Work? This program integrates best in class clinical behavioral and social determinant of health software platforms into a mobile e-clinic deployed in the school with minimal space or training requirements. In addition to video and voice, this solution provides remote physicians with real time diagnostic and assessment data for clinical decision making.

  • Parental consent for all services, parent can attend visit in person or remotely
  • Keeps students in class and parents at work
  • All services billable and sustainable in a fee per service model
  • GHI with Arizona State University administering logistics allows easy scale and cost reduction by bundling buying power of multiple districts across the state
  • Providers from health systems where this is or will be deployed will have option to be licensed and credentialed to work on this program in Arizona
  • GHI will hire or train a nurse to operate the device in every school

Next Steps? Contact your legislator! Health & Human Services, Chairman Steve Montenegro is
sponsoring legislation for a new appropriation of $3M, for a 150k student pilot program for rural

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